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Are you already interested in the future? You want to shape it now and fill it with your ideas? Do you want to push your own individual career with a high-quality training program?

Fantastic! Welcome! Get ready for the future today with our support and become an apprentice.

Become an apprentice with us!

If you are an apprentice in the professions of mechatronics, industrial electronics, or an electrician you have the chance to complete your entire practical education including test preparation parallel to the trade school with us. Additionally, there is the possibility to book individual modules in our workshop. Even if you are an apprentice in another trade like industrial mechanic, window fitter or other, we offer interesting modules to expand your skills with mechatronic content.

Foundation for enrolling into our training is that you signed an apprenticeship contract with your employer. Your company can book the practical modules in our workshop and can turn you into an apprentice.

If you decided to pursue your education in our workshop, you are still contractually working for your employer. Booking our modules ensures a qualified education, that your employer cannot cover alone.

And because it is important for us, one more thing. Our apprentices are people of all genders – everybody should be addressed. Some of our most important values are diversity, tolerance, and openness.

These are the advantages in your education.

The Workshop

May we introduce? That is how theory and praxis are fun! In our spacious and perfectly equipped workshop on the premises of ELHA-MASCHINENBAU Liemke KG in Hövelhof we have been inspiring young people for high-tech, craft and industry. Here you learn different skills, implement your own projects meet your colleagues and are optimally  prepared for your working life. Our experienced trainers teach and support apprentices of different companies in our region, are always up to date and excellent coaches, mentors and sparring partners. Here it never gets boring!

Training Modules

Single modules or module packs?

Profit from our training offers. Here you can get an overview in which modules or complete training packages you can participate. Shortly you will find out more about our training, your trainers and all additional details in FAQ section.

Just click on a module and look at the content, goals and requirements right now!

Mechatronics & Electronics


Here you can find all modules that can be attended by a mechatronics or electronics student. If you click on a module a page with additional information regarding content, goals and requirements will open.


from the field of metal technology, crafts & similar

Here you will find all the modules you can also visit as a trainee of other apprenticeships as a mechatronics or electronics engineer with us, because it can also be very helpful for you, for example, to gain electronic knowledge.